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Newsletter 2014 - 4

Around Commissions
Report of the CIB W070, W111 and W118 Joint International Conference on Facilities Management: Using Facilities in an Open World - Creating Value for all Stakeholders
The themes show that the conference covered a diverse mix of topics within the broad field of Facilities Management. Two topics had particular strong attention. One topic was sustainability, where climate change was the focus of some papers. The other topic was user issues, including usability and user experiences.
From the CIB Management
Introducing New Board Members
The CIB General Assembly elected four new Board Members for the remainder of the 2014 - 2016 term. Dr. E.A.L. Teo, National University, Singapore, Mrs. C. Percy, BRANZ, New Zealand. Prof. S.K. Bhattacharyya, CBRI - Central Building Research Institute, India and S.-E. Lee, Korea Institute of Construction Technology.
From the CIB General Secretariat
CIB Innovation Journal
CIB has developed the CIB Innovation Journal that includes information on CIB Innovation Reports > Presentations > Webinars. The Journal can be installed on i-Pads via a free downloadable app. Attendance at the Webinars is free. The Innovation Reports and Presentations can be downloaded for free.
Priority Themes
National and Regional Conferences on Sustainable Built Environment in 2016 - Request for Expression of Interest for SBE2016
As part of the on-going SBE Conference series, CIB, iiSBE, UNEP-SBCI and FIDIC, invite non-binding Expression of Interest (EOI) for the holding of national or regional conferences on sustainable built environment to be held in 2016. The target date for submitting a non-binding EOI is 23 May 2014.
Forthcoming Meetings
Free CIB Innovation Webinar: Low Income Housing in Indonesia - Examples of New Concepts, May 14, 2014 - 13:00 PM CET
CIB Innovation Webinars present new technologies and innovative practices. Topics in this Webinar include: healthy and liveable housing for fishermen, the re-planning of waste disposal area and low income community architecture for sustaining the urban architecture uniqueness.
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: International Conference on Achieving Sustainable Construction Health and Safety, 2-3 June 2014 in Lund, Sweden
The tracks of the conference include: Designing for Health and Safety, Role of stakeholders, Proactive health and safety, Reactive health and safety, Creating an incident free work environment, Continuous education in health and safety, Behaviour-based safety.
Free CIB Innovation Webinar: The Best Value Approach in USA - Efficiency, Performance and Risks, June 4, 2014 - 17:00 PM CET
CIB Innovation Webinars present new technologies and innovative practices. Topics in this Webinar include: Principles of Best Value and Making the Change. An expert panel of the Change Makers in Minnesota will share their experiences from the construction clients' point of view.
Free CIB Webinar: SMART CITIES, 18 June 2014, 11:00 - 12:50 CET
The topics in this CIB Webinar include: Perspectives of smart cities in North America, Insights from smart cities in Europe, Smart Cities in Asia, Open building Implementation in Smart Cities.
CIB Co-sponsored: The Third World Construction Symposium - Sustainability and Development in the Built Environment: The Way Forward, 20-22 June 2014 in Colombo, Sri Lanka
The Symposium aims at providing a forum for exchanging ideas between construction researchers in the areas of sustainability with a view to fostering a better link between industry and academia. The main theme of the symposium is: Sustainability and Development in the Built Environment: The Way Forward.
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: 31st International Conference on Applications of IT in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry, 23-25 June 2014 in Orlando, Florida, USA
Themes and Topics of the conference include:Design, Engineering and Analysis, Novel Engineering, Construction and Management Technologies, Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, Cutting Edge Development.
CIB Co-sponsored: 8th Built Environment Conference - Reflections on Directions in Construction, 27-29 July 2014 in Durban, South Africa
This conference seeks responses to questions, related to selected current conversation and debates in construction namely: integration of professional practice, building information modelling, sustainable or green building, inquiry based construction education, infrastructure delivery and construction.
CIB World Building Congress - Intelligent Built Environment for Life, 30 May - 3 June 2016, Tampere, Finland - Picture 6 of 20
At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Finlayson factory in Tampere, Finland was among the leading industrial factories in the country. One part of the factory can boast with having beams from the same manufacturer who supplied them for the Eiffel Tower.
New Publications
Proceedings of the CIB W070, W111 and W118 Joint International Conference on Facilities Management: Using Facilities in an Open World - Creating Value for all Stakeholders
The free downloadable proceedings include 38 research papers on topics like: FM performance and industry maturity, Sustainable building development, Workplace management, Clients and users, Building condition and evaluation, Energy management, Usability and user experiences, Case studies.
Encouraged Journals
Journal on Building Research and Information: Special Issue - Energy Retrofits of Owner-Occupied Homes, Volume 42(4), July 2014
Four articles, which are free to download address: retrofitting owner-occupied housing: remember the people (editorial), why German homeowners are reluctant to retrofit, better home energy audit modelling: incorporating inhabitant behaviours, a persona-based approach to domestic energy retrofit.
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment - Environmental Law Special Issue
Topics in this double issue include: judges and government, environmental protection, contaminated land regime, ideologies of planning law.
Student Chapters
Report on the 12th Academic Conference for Research Post-graduate Students in Architecture and Planning, Construction Management and Real Estate
Around 70 students participated from 4 Universities: The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong and Shenzhen University. Members of the Chapter were honored to have Prof. KW Chau, Dr. Wilson Lu and Dr. Peng YI as their guest speakers.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on New CIB Members in April 2014 we have installed 2 new CIB Members: KICT - the Korea Institute of Construction Technology as a Full Member and from Israel an Individual Member.