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Newsletter 2015 - 1

Around Commissions
New coordinator of Commission W062
The CIB programme Committee has appointed Professor Dr Lynne Jack as the new Coordinator of Commission W062. ‘I am delighted to accept this role, and look forward to working with CIB and with our very active team of participants.'
From the CIB General Secretariat
As concerns membership development 2014 was again a difficult year for CIB. A membership loss originated especially from Europe and from amongst the category of Associate Members. Components of THE NEW CIB Strategy as adopted by the CIB membership in 2013, that are implemented or further elaborated in 2014, were: the CIB Research Roadmaps that Commissions are expected to produce or update every three years, the CIB Innovation Webinars of which first pilots took place and the new concept of the Full Member CEO meetings, of which a first one took place in Paris. The concept of the CIB student Chapters continuous to grow in strength, with new ones being added each year, with in 2014 a Regional Student Chapter covering the area of Sub-Sahara Africa that deserves special attention. I hope you will enjoy reading this special first-of-the-year Newsletter, in which the CIB General Secretariat presents CIB's annual activities overview.
New CIB Commissions and Coordinators
The CIB Programme Committee established two new Task Groups.The new Commissions are briefly described with hyperlinks to more detailed news articles through which the Task Groups Coordinator is been introduced.
Overview CIB Commissions
The year 2014 ended with 14 Task Groups and 34 Working Commissions. Two New Task Groups were established in 2014: TG89 on Construction Mediation Practice and TG90 on Information Integration in Construction.
CIB Research Roadmaps
A Research Roadmap on Tall Buildings has been produced as a joint venture between the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH, CIB and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This roadmap is free downloadble.
CIB and CIB Co-sponsored Conferences
2014 was a successful year for CIB related events all over the world, many of them of great international recognition and contributing in setting the global agenda in their respective field. Find a selection of CIB and CIB Co-sponsored Conference in 2014.
CIB and CIB Related Publications
Hereafter follow an overview of all 11 Conference Proceedings and 16 other types of publications that have been produced in 2014 and have been made available to the CIB Secretariat. Worth highlighting is the TG85 book on R&D Investment and Impact.
CIB PC Commendation 2014
The Programme Committee awarded the 2014 PC Commendations to the three Joint Coordinators of CIB W115: Abdol Chini, University of Florida, USA, Frank Schultmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and John Storey, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
CIB Priority Themes
A main event on Sustainable Construction was: SB14 - The World Sustainable Building Conference. Robin Drogemuller and Scott F Beazley were appointed Theme Leaders for the CIB IDDS Priority Theme. TG90 - Information Integration in Construction was established, being most relevant to IDDS.
CIB Innovation Webinars
In innovation webinars new technologies and innovative practices are showcased through in principle three topical presentations. In 2014 there were three pilot webinars on: Using BIM to Enhance Construction Safety and Health, Low Income Housing in Indonesia, Best Value Approach in the USA.
CIB Student Chapters
Two new CIB Student Chapter have been established in 2014: one at the Purdue University, in West Lafayette, IN, USA and a Regional Student Chapter for the Sub-Saharan Africa region, together with ASOCSA - Association of Schools of Construction of Southern Africa.
CIB Encouraged Journals
This overview highlights the most significant events in 2014 concerning the CIB Encouraged and Recognised Journals. This includes 10 published news articles, including 5 Call for Papers and 5 articles about Special Journal Issues.
CIB Regional Offices
Per the end of 2014 CIB had Regional Offices in Washington, Sao Paulo, Rotterdam, Teheran, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo and Cape Town. Detailed information on the CIB Regional Offices, and links to their designated websites are available.
New CIB Members
In the year 2014 in total 35 new Members have joined CIB. In the table below you will find these members per country and per membership category. Within these numbers upgrades, reinstallments and individuals who are now covered by Institutional Members are mentioned.
CIB Membership Development in 2014
The Annual CIB Membership Development for 2014 is presented in this News article with some comparative data for the period 2012 - 2013. There is an overall Membership loss, especially originating from Europe and from among the Associate Members.
CIB KPI's - Key Performance Indicators for the Year 2014 with Comparative Data over the Period 2012 - 2014
An overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) 2014, gives data on developments concerning: Membership for the CIB Membership in total and per fee category, region and type of organisation - Activities including Meetings, Commissions, Conferences and Publications.
THE NEW CIB Strategy
New Strategy components in 2014 include: pilot CIB Innovation Webinars, the set-up of the CIB Innovation Journal for i-Pads and a first Full Member CEO Meeting.