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Newsletter 2015 - 2

Around Commissions
W023 - Wall Structures: Introducing the New Coordinator
The CIB Programme Committee has appointed Prof Jan Kubica from the Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland as the New Coordinator. Jan states that the Commission aims to provide a scientific basis for the preparation of design standards, building codes and recommendations.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB Co-sponsored: 1st International Symposium on Building Pathology (ISBP), 24-27 March 2015 in Porto, Portugal - Second Announcement and Call for Papers
The main objectives are to develop and evaluate methodologies for the assessment of defects and failures; to to propose methodologies; to analyze costs associated with building pathology and to disseminate findings among the production and management of buildings.
CIB Co-sponsored: 4th World Construction Symposium 2015 - Sustainable Development in the Built Environment: Green Growth & Innovative Directions, 12-14 June 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka - Second Announcement and Call for Papers
Symposium sub themes include: green buildings, sustainable urbanisation, sustainable construction practices, procuring sustainable built infrastructure, cost management, process improvement, public private partnerships (PPPs) and green innovation, green rating and certification.
CIB Co-sponsored: IASS2015 International Symposium on Future Visions, 17-20 August 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - First Announcement and Call for Abstracts
The conference addresses the latest developments in the field of shells and spatial structures and related technologies, such as fabrication, digital technology, special and non-standard structures, innovative materials and other developments.
W099 - International Health and Safety Conference on Benefitting Workers and Society through Inherently Safe(r) Construction, 10-11 September 2015 in Jordanstown Campus, Northern Ireland - Second Announcement and Call for Papers
The conference theme include: Ethical and moral challenges / social and societal responsibility, opportunities for creativity and innovation, social performance and construction health and safety, continuous improvement and leaning, communicating safety and health.
W069 - Residential Studies: Explorations of Urban Residential Qualities - Situations of Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcaring in Inquiries of Trans Disciplinary Nature, 14-17 October 2015 in Goteborg, Sweden - Second Announcement and Call for Abstracts
Special attention to: professional realization and operational implementation of resilient urban and architectural planning procedures, a richer life experience of well-being and healthier built environments able to ultimately provide the qualitative offer of a stimulating atmosphere or a convivial ambiance.
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: 32nd International CIB W078 Conference, 27-29 October 2015 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Call for Abstracts
Invited research papers include: Building Information Modelling, Product and Process Modelling, Knowledge Modelling and Linked Data, Integrated Process and Product Design, 4D/nD Modelling, Systems Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, Automated Approaches in Construction.
W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment: 5th CIB International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (SASBE), 09-11 December 2015 in Pretoria, South Africa - First Announcement and Call for Papers
Conference themes include: Smart, sustainable and resilient cities, urban planning, design and management, regenerative and net positive design, biodiversity, landscaping and productive, intelligent buildings, technologies and techniques, productive, healthy working and living environments.
CIB Co-sponsored: SBE16 Hamburg - Sustainable Construction, Real Estate and Urban Development, 08-11 March 2016 in Hamburg, Germany - Call for Papers
Conference themes include: sustainable urban development, planning and building regulations such as legal frameworks, quality assurance, use of sustainable construction products, strategies and legislation at the local level such as zero-emission, water management, mobility and environment.
CIB World Building Congress - Intelligent Built Environment for Life, 30 May - 3 June 2016, Tampere, Finland - Picture 11 of 20
This is a former shot tower. Hot, melted led was dripped down in small dozes into a bucket of cold water. The shot got its final form from the air resistance on its way down. At a height of 55 meters, the shot tower is one of many unique landmarks in Tampere, Finland.
New Publications
Free Downloadable Publication: W023 - Wall Structure: Defects in Masonry Walls - Guidance on Cracking: Identification, Prevention and Repair
The report focuses on proper serviceability behaviour of masonry walls. Topics include: Specifics of Masonry Walls and Identification of Defects, Prevention of Cracking, Repair Strategies, Guidance to Prevent and Repair Cracking in Masonry Walls.
Encouraged Journals
Journal on Building Research & Information: Building Governance and Climate Change - Regulation and Related Polices, Call for Abstracts: Special Issue
This special issue will explore alternatives for the role, processes (and politics), the system and its institutional structures, the formulation, the content and the organization of governance (normally thought of as 'building regulations and building control policies' and the influence of standards).
Journal on Built Environment Project and Asset Management - Free Access February
Articles in the list include: Stakeholders' expectations in utilising financial models for public-private partnership projects, use of key performance indicators for PPP transport projects to meet stakeholders' performance objectives, value methodology in public engagement for construction development projects.
Journal on Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management - Free Access February
Articles in the list include: Workplace stress among construction professionals in South Africa: The role of harassment and discrimination, Improving performance of construction projects: A project manager's emotional intelligence approachCash flow modeling for construction projects.
Journal on Smart and Sustainable Built Environment - Free Access February
Articles in the list include: Factors influencing sustainability outcomes of housing in subtropical Australia, sustainable development: ignorance is fatal - what don't we know, encouraging walk-ability in GCC cities: smart urban solutions, safe design of skyrise greenery in Singapore.
Journal on Building Research & Information, Counting the Costs of Comfort - Special Issue
This special issue explores what it means for buildings to be designed or adapted for a future climate at an affordable economic and environmental cost. The emerging research presents several viable approaches and solutions to the provision of thermal comfort. Three articles are free.
Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction - Special Edition: Economic and Financial Issues of Creating an Age-friendly Built Environment - Call for Papers
Papers for this special edition of the journal are invited that address the following themes: Assessing the true economic value of investment in projects for the ageing population, alternative options for funding housing and and care costs, business models for the construction industry.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article in the CIB Members' section we have installed 6 New CIB Members. Two Associate Members and two Individual Members originate from Europe. From the United States we welcome an Individual Member and from Asia an Associate Member.