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Newsletter 2016 - 7

Around Commissions
W098 New Commission Coordinator
In October 2016 the CIB Programme Committee appointed Dr Tong Yang as Joint Coordinator of the Working Commission W098- Intelligent and Responsive Buildings. Tong is a Senior Lecturer in Construction, Architecture and BIM at Middlesex University London.
Forthcoming Meetings
UPDATE CIB Best Value Academic Day
On November 7, 2016 there will be the Best Value Academic Day at the Delft University of Technology. The agenda is set and the programme is interested for Teachers of Universities, Researchers and Industry Professionals with Best Value topics. Attendance is free.
Healthy Cities Commission Meeting and Webinar
Task Group TG86 Healthy Cities invites you to join their TG86 Commission Meeting and Webinar on November 21, which will be held in association with the 7th International Conference on Energy and Environment of Residential Buildings Healthy Housing that is taking place 20-24 November 2016 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
New Publications
New Publication e-Business in the AEC Industry in Canada
This report outlines the broad findings collected from a structured questionnaire distributed to the membership of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) about how the AEC Industry in Canada has adopted Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). The publication is available for free.
Research Roadmap - Public Private Partnerships
Under the responsibility of CIB Task Group TG72 – Public Private Partnerships, Akintola Akintoye and Mohan Kumaraswamy authored the newest CIB Research Roadmap that can be downloaded for free. This research roadmap report highlights a number of significant challenges for PPP, along with some areas needing particular attention and further study.
Encouraged Journals
Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value
The journal seeks to be a source for documented performance information and to serve as a guidepost for lessons learned, best practices, the proliferation of performance based value models in the international built environment, as well as improving the delivery of services, including education.
Call for Papers Psychosocial and Organisational-Cultural Influences
Special Issue: Psychosocial and Organisational-Cultural influences on Construction Stakeholders' financial Performance. Some themes might include: Modelling financial performance, Non-financial performance measures, Employee empowerment, Economic value of investment(s).
Call for Papers Built Environment Sustainability
Built Environment related activities have traditionally been notorious for depleting natural resources and adversely affecting on the environment, economy and society, hence also compromising future generations. In this context, this special issue primarily intends to unearth and juxtapose the significant barriers, along with strategies and tool-kits to overcome them that should drive sustainability initiatives in the built environment.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article in the CIB Members’ section we have installed 1 New CIB Member. One Individual Member from India.