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The theme of Construction & Society is the leading theme for the 2013 CIB World Building Congress and will be the overarching focus in the CIB Program of Activities in the 2013 – 2016 period.


This theme focuses on how Construction can best contribute to the growth and development of Society and includes how Construction can best address major societal challenges like: sustainable development, depletion of resources, resilient urbanization, enhancing systems of health care and education, housing the poor and poverty alleviation in developing countries.

Journal Building Research & Information - Special Issue: Resilience in the Built Environment
Different forms of resilience are needed to anticipate, respond to and adapt to new challenges. This special issue provides insight into what resilience means how it relates to the different scales of the built environment, and emerging challenges for practice, research and policy.
Issue 2, 2014

This contains hyperlinks to data in the CIB Databases of special relevance to Construction and Society Resilient Urbanisation.

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