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The CIB Board approved a draft scoping paper for the new theme “Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions” (IDDS) in its meeting in April 2008. This new theme will complement and unite the three existing themes (Sustainable Construction, Clients and Users, and Revaluing Construction), strengthen the other themes’ link to the CIB Commissions, and be a strategic tool for the objective of creating a common focus for the disparate areas of research in CIB.


CIB IDDS Workshops and Conferences
  • 1st Workshop, 14 March 2006, Ankara, Turkey - Report to be downloaded here
  • 2nd Workshop, 26 September 2006, Atlanta, United States - Report to be downloaded here
  • The 1st CIB Conference on IDDS took place on 10-12 June 2009, resulted in a Conference Report and in free downloadable Proceedings .

    IDDS White Paper

    A core group of CIB experts is authoring a CIB IDDS White Paper (Publication 328) which can be downloaded here .

    IDDS Research Roadmap

    The Research Roadmap was prepared after a series of consultative development workshops around the world, including the UK (May 2010), USA (eptember 2010), Egypt (November 2010, Australia (May 2011), Brasil (October 2011) and Australia (March 2012). The Research Roadmap Report (Publication 370) can be downloaded here and Summary Publication 373) here .

    IDDS Contact

    The CIB IDDS Theme Leaders, who can be contacted for further information, are Prof. Robin Drogemuller and Mr. Scott Francis Beazley , Queensland University of Technology, Australia

TG90 Expert panel discussion Information Integration
Task Group TG90 - Information Integration in Construction - invites you to their expert panel discussion ‘Information Integration’ on Wednesday 1st of June. The discussion will focus on the role and relevance of integrating information across organisational and software boundaries.
Issue 3, 2016
Call for papers: Compliance Checking in the AEC/FM domain
ITcon invites you to submit a paper for a special issue to feature latest and innovative research work on Compliance Checking in the AEC/FM domain. If you are working in this area of research, this is an opportunity to publish your work. Submission deadline is March 31, 2016.
Issue 2, 2016

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