Student Chapters - General Information

A CIB Student Chapter may be a local, regional, national or even international organised group of students, provided that those students are enrolled at CIB Member universities and preferably have an identifiable common interest in the work of one or more CIB Commissions* or Priority Themes. Examples of different types of CIB Student Chapters envisaged by the current CIB guidelines include, but are not limited to:
  • Chapters with a membership based on one CIB Member university
  • Chapters with a membership based on two or more CIB Member universities in the same country or region, with shared identifiable common interests (as described above) so as to be a regional or national Chapter
  • Chapters with an international membership, based on CIB Member universities anywhere in the world, related to a CIB Commission and operating under the responsibility of that Commission.

* In this context a CIB Commission includes a Working Commission or a Task Group.

CIB University Members interested in forming a CIB Student Chapter may make a formal proposal to the CIB Programme Committee. Before doing that it may be helpful to consult Advice to Intending Student Chapters here .

The Guidelines for CIB Student Chapters can be downloaded via the link below.

The CIB Sebestyén Future Leaders Award (formerly the CIB Guyla Sebestyén Award)

The CIB Guyla Sebestyén Award was 'launched' for the first time in 2002, named after the former late CIB Secretary General Prof. Guyla Sebestyén (1980-1993).

CIB Student Chapters are invited to compete with proposals for projects that are in line with the CIB objectives for the yearly CIB Sebestyén Future Leaders Award. The Award provides support up to EURO 2500. A Call for Proposals is made in April or May each year.

Invitations from Commissions to Student Chapters wishing to enter a Proposal for the CIB Sebestyén Future Leaders Award

To see information from Commissions that have work that Student Chapters could do for them, see here . Once a Chapter has prepared a satisfactory Proposal, by negotiating with the relevant Commission, that Chapter can submit the Proposal as an entry for the CIB Sebestyén Future Leaders Award.

The relevant Commission will be asked to affirm its support of the Proposal and will subsequently be asked to comment on the outcome of the work specified in the Proposal.

Archive of Past Winners

CIB news articles about Student Chapters can be found here

CIB Student Chapter Newsletter PolyU Hong Kong
The CIB Student Chapter at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has published Newsletter 18 about the 17th Anniversary . The Newsletter contains, among other things, information about, Achievements in 2018; Academic Conference, Workshop Series.
Issue 8, 2018
CIB REMINDER WBC19 Competition under Constructing Smart Cities
You are invited by the HK PolyU CIB Student Chapter, to join us in Hong Kong, for the competition under Constructing Smart Cities, the CIB World Building Congress 2019 (CIB WBC 2019), which will be held 17-21 June 2019, at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The deadline to apply for the Competition is: December 1st, 2018
Issue 7, 2018

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