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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the oldest and also the best university in Asia, Hong Kong. Faculty of Architecture in HKU is consisted by the department of Architecture, department of Real Estate and Construction as well as the Center of Urban Planning and Environmental Management. The main activity of the Faculty is training both professionals and researchers. Training activities include undergraduate, Master's and Ph.D programs in the fields of architecture design , urban design and planning, architecture history and conservation , building science, construction project management, real estate, etc. These fields basically focus on the research areas listed below:

  • Theories and Methods of Architectural Education
  • Sustainability and Built Environment
  • Economic Aspect of Building
  • Building Materials and Construction Technologies
  • Building Performance and Maintenance
  • Environmental Control and Services
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Architectural Design and Theory
  • Basic Design and Visual Communication,
  • History of Architecture
  • Architectural Conservation
  • Landscape Design and Planning
  • Urban Studies and Planning
  • Real Estate Finance and Economics
  • Real Estate Price Index
  • Construction Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Construct IT

The Department encourages interdisciplinary studies, exchange programs for students and staff in order to develop international co-operations for research and training with other research institutes, organizations and universities. It also supports organizations of exhibitions, symposiums and other events in cooperation with national and international bodies.



The Student Chapter at HKU Faculty of Architecture is led by a President who is responsible for disseminating CIB information to the other members and distributing information from the Student Chapter at The University of Hong Kong to other Student Chapters or to CIB in general. The Vice President will support the President and act as the President's representative on occasion when she/he is unable to attend. The President will seek advice from Honorary Advisor and organize the internal member structure of the student chapter in HKU.

The formal website for our CIB Student Chapter in HKU is


The objectives of the Student Chapter are:

  • to encourage the development of research interests among its members and create awareness of research significance in construction
  • to provide a forum for disseminating, sharing and exchanging research skills and experience within the Student Chapter and towards other CIB Student Chapters
  • to improve the contact and benefits with other CIB Student Chapters and the global research community
  • to facilitate and promote joint research and academic exchange with other CIB Student Chapters and the global research community.


The Work Programme is as follows:

  • Create and organize a forum for discussion and internal exchanging of research findings and experiences. Organize internal meetings and activities to enhance the sense of community among the members.
  • Organize workshops and seminars to disseminate and share research experience and findings by invited speakers / experts from Hong Kong , from mainland China, and international companies, universities and institutions.
  • Establish contacts with other CIB Student Chapters by participating in or arranging international workshops, symposiums or other similar activities.
  • Establish contacts with CIB commission and CIB member institutions.
  • Develop and produce a newsletter for the Student Chapter on regular basis (at least once a year), and also be presented from the website of Student Chapter and CIB home page.
  • Mapping of new research findings and experiences within the research area of the Student Chapter.
  • Establish partnerships with other CIB Student Chapters for the initiation of possible sister CIB Student Chapter in other countries to develop closer research linkages.
  • Broaden CIB's influence in mainland China through our wide contact network with the universities in China. We could also encourage and help them to establish student chapters in their universities.

The Student Chapter at HKU Faculty of Architecture pursues to follow the planned program and further developed what it has done already. It involves minutes of meeting on deliverables, publication of a newsletter at least once a year, contacts established with at least five other CIB Student Chapters and regular workshop or seminar within the Faculty of Architecture, HKU. In accordance with the work program, the Student Chapter also organizes joint research activities and conferences with sister Student Chapters and other CIB Student Chapters.


The Architecture Faculty is a Full Member of CIB. The joint CIB Student Chapter at the Faculty of Architecture is open to all postgraduate and undergraduate students of the Faculty. It is expected that members will:

  • have a strong interest in research and innovation in the areas of building processes and built environment design, and
  • actively participate in the functions and events organized by CIB Student Chapter.

The Student Chapter has its own established membership rules that comply with the CIB's Mission Statement on set out in the CIB Constitution.



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