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The Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georresources (DECivil) is a department at IST, University of Lisbon, the biggest engineering university in Portugal. Its main activities are teaching, research and postgraduate training on civil engineering and architecture, including such fields as mechanics, structures, geology, construction, hydraulics, transports, and architectural design.

The scientific research, postgraduate training and external consultancy are carried out in a research unit of IST, University of Lisbon, named CERIS (Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability). Most of the DECivil researchers belong to CERIS. As of 2017, CERIS incorporates more than 200 PhD researchers and 300 PhD students and CERIS researchers are engaged in five Master courses and nine Doctoral programmes. It is an objective of CERIS to combine a strong expertise at the R&D level in basic areas of knowledge with technological skills which may provide a real development of the Portuguese and international production sectors.

CERIS is well inserted in scientific and technological European networks and is involved in a large number of national and European projects. CERIS is also involved in applied research projects and provides support to the technical community through service rendering and also by participating in the national and European organisations which work in the production of codes and rules. Within CERIS, the contacts with CIB are made through the Studies in Construction group, which initially sponsored the CIB Student Chapter.

A great deal of the research concerning the Studies in Construction group relies on the facilities existing in the Computational Mechanics Laboratory (LMC), the Structures and Strength of Materials Laboratory (LERM) and the Construction Laboratory (LC), all of them belonging to the DECivil of IST.

The CIB Student Chapter focusses on areas which help to advance research activities at the DECivil whilst giving exposure to students on international research developments and introducing them to CIB research activities and their global communities. Areas covered are building management expert systems, performance-based design, inspection and maintenance of buildings, service life prediction, durability, building pathology, deconstruction, recycling, and sustainability.

The Student Chapter benefits from relevant industrial experience and graduate research and activities developed at DECivil and the Studies in Construction group of CERIS - Physics and Building Technology, Construction Management, Materials and Construction Technology and Fire Safety.

The Student Chapter is well poised to serve the interest of members, in congruence with CIB's objectives. It adopts a multi-faceted approach to elevating a broad interest in research and innovation in building and construction among members and to the outside community.




Within the research interests of DECivil/CERIS, the IST Student Chapter conducts its activities with the following aims:

To encourage the development of research interests among its members, to create awareness of research significance in buildings' construction;
To provide a forum for dissemination of knowledge and exchange of research skills with CIB Students Chapters and the global research community;
To improve the contact and benefits with other CIB Student Chapters, developing and maintaining the CIB IST Student Chapter website (to publish information about the chapter activities, a link with PhD students at IST, an abstract of the current research projects, any relevant events, new information on PhD conferences and workshops members);
To improve the contact and benefits with CIB's task groups and commissions.


The Work Programme is as follows:

Extend Student Chapter membership, promoting internal meetings and activities to enhance in students the sense of community within Student Chapter at IST;
Organise a forum for discussion and internal exchanging of research findings among the members, building a student chapter website with a database of activities carried out by the Chapter;
Organise workshops and seminars to disseminate and share research experience and findings by invited experts from industry, IST, other universities and institutions involved in construction and building studies;
Establish contacts with other CIB Student Chapters around the world by internet, attending and submitting papers at workshops, symposiums and proposing joint projects;
Establish contacts with CIB's task groups, commissions and CIB member institutes;
Develop and produce a newsletter for the Student Chapter on regular basis (once a year), reporting on activities, new research findings and experiences within the research area of the Student Chapter.

The Student Chapter is integrated in the DECivil to ensure smooth running of activities and for students' convenience. The administration of the Student Chapter is left to the students themselves under the supervision of the president (Mr. João Pacheco) and of the coordinators of the two research groups of the chapter: RG1 – Service Life Prediction (Mr. André Castelo), and RG2 – Sustainable Construction (Mrs. Beatriz Marques).

The Planned Output is as follows:

Joint research activities with other Student Chapters or other Student Chapters, establishing contacts with other CIB Students Chapters;
Publication of a yearly newsletter;
Presentation of a proposal of a workshop or a meeting to be held at the IST, related with the subject areas of the Student Chapter;


The DECivil at IST - University of Lisbon is an Associate Member of CIB.

The CIB Student Chapter is open to postgraduate and research students as well as undergraduate students (undertaking a research-based activity) of the DECivil and ICIST. Members are expected to:

Have a strong interest in research and innovation in construction, physics and technology of buildings, recycling and/or sustainability;
Develop research work within these domains;
Actively participate in the functions and events organised by the CIB Student Chapter.

The CIB Student Chapter has its own established membership rules that comply with CIB's Mission Statement as set out in the CIB Constitution.


The Student Chapter has limited start-up financial support provided by ICIST/CERIS that is inserted in a network of research units partially funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology through its multiannual-financing program.

The Student Chapter at the IST, University of Lisbon is led by the Faculty Advisory backed by the Students’ President and Coordinators who are responsible for disseminating CIB information to the members and distributing information from Student Chapter at IST to other CIB Student Chapters or to CIB in general.


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