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W080 Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components Student Forum



CIB Working Commission W080 Student Chapter - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components – has the scope to promote the international cooperation on prediction of service life of building materials and components by identifying systematic methodologies related with the Evaluation and Estimation of Service Life. (testing, modeling, etc). As well, guide lines will be prepared in regards to the use of durability and service life data for Sustainability, the reliability approach, concepts related to damage and FMECA, dose-response and performance-over-time functions.

In the current Work Program there is a focus on the following topics, that are being dealt with through Commission Working groups:

  • WG 1: Service Life Prediction methods (B. Daniotti)
  • WG 2: Service life data collection (J. Hans)
  • WG 3: Service Life for Sustainability (W. Trinius)





The W080 Student Chapter, is a working group of PhD, master students on topics related to - Prediction of Service Life. The aim is to interchange research ideas and outcomes, to collaborate on research processes and information dissemination, and to organize workshops and social networking events.

The W080 Student Chapter aims to provide an active and supportive community for students worldwide and has a number of specific objectives:

  • international cooperation between the universities and students involved
  • an international discussion group
  • actively participate to CIB W080 Work Program
  • publications resulting from the research cooperation
  • organize workshops
  • a book with research outcome on a W080 themes (expected at 13DBMC)


The priority tasks for the new W080 Student Chapter are already in progress, and are as follows:

  • Establish a membership list
  • Create a group account for internal communication and sharing of documents
  • Encouraging the use of informal communication and social networking


Applications for membership should be submitted to the W080 Student Chapter Commission Representative or to the CIB W080 Scientific Secretary whose contacts are listed in the list of Chapter members. Students enrolled at a CIB member university may join without charge but must have the prior support of the designated CIB contact of their university and that contact should be copied in to the e-mail when applying for membership.




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