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Milan, Polytechnic of .. , Department of Building Environment, Science & Technology, Italy



At its meeting of June 2003 in Paris, CIB Programme Committee approved the application by students of the Building Environment Science & Technology Department at the Polytechnic of Milan and granted them the status of "CIB Endorsed Student Chapter". Below follows a description of activities by the chapter.

The BEST is a department at the Polytechnic of Milan. Its main activities are scientific research and postgraduate training in the fields of:

  • building engineering
  • indoor environment
  • environmental assessment of buildings
  • building pathology
  • energy conservation in the built environment
  • real estate management
  • building economics
  • organisation and management of construction
  • quality and safety on construction sites
  • life time engineering in construction
  • prediction of service life of building materials and components
  • information technology for construction
  • post-construction liability and insurance
  • facilities management and maintenance
  • procurement systems
  • housing, architecture and physical planning

The researchers at the BEST are also responsible for undergraduate educational programmes, masters and several courses. The divisions are to a large extent multidisciplinary. Several researchers participate in international research organisations.




The objectives of the Student Chapter are:

  • To encourage the development of research interests among its members.
  • To improve the contacts and benefits with other CIB Student Chapters and the global research community.
  • To facilitate and promote joint research and academic exchange with other CIB Student Chapters and the global research community.


The Work Programme is as follows:

  • Organise internal meetings and activities to enhance the sense of community among the members.
  • Organise workshops and seminars to disseminating and sharing research experience and findings by invited speakers/experts from Polytechnic of Milan, European and International companies and/or other universities and institutions.
  • Establish contacts with other CIB Student Chapters around the world by arranging and participating in workshops, symposiums or other similar activities.
  • Establish contacts with CIB commissions and CIB member Institutes.
  • Develop and produce a newsletter for the Student Chapter on regular basis (at least once a year).
  • Analysing of new research findings and experiences within the research area of the Student Chapter.

The Student Chapter at the Polytechnic of Milan pursue to follow the planned programme. It involves minutes of meeting as deliverables, publication of the newsletter and established contacts with other Student Chapters. A proposal of a workshop or meeting to be held at the Polytechnic of Milan will be presented.


The BEST at the Polytechnic of Milan, is an Associate Member of CIB. The joint CIB Student Chapter at the BEST is organized within the Doctorate in "Building Systems and Processes" coordinated by Prof. P.N. Maggi and will be open to all postgraduate and research students of the department.

It is expected that members will:

  • have a strong interest in research and innovation in the area of buildings and building processes
  • actively participate in the functions and events organised by the CIB Student Chapter

The Student Chapter will have its own established membership rules that comply with the CIB's Mission Statement as set out in the CIB Constitution.





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