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TG92 - Wearable Sensor Technology: Introducing a New Task Group and its Coordinators

The CIB Programme Committee has established the New Task Group TG92 - Wearable Sensor Technology and appointed Andrew Ross from Liverpool John Moores University - UK and Serkan Kivrak from the Anadolu University, Turkey as the Joint Coordinators. Around Commissions

  Issue 3, 2015  
TG90 - Information Integration in Construction: Introducing a New Task Group and its Coordinators

The CIB Board approved establishment of the new Commission TG90 - Information Integration in Construction, and appointed three joint Coordinators, Keith Hampson and Adriana X Sanchez, MSc, both at (SBEnrc) - Curtin University, Australia, and Rasmus Rempling, at Chalmers University, Sweden. Around Commissions

  Issue 7, 2014  
TG83 - e-Business in Construction - Introducing New Joint Coordinators: Dr. Bingunath Ingerige and Prof. Srinath Perera

The CIB Programme Committee has appointed Dr. Bingunath Ingirige, University of Salford, UK and Prof. Srinath Perera, Northumbria University, UK the New Joint Coordinators of CIB Task Group TG83 on e-Business in Construction. The TG's work programme will be coordinated by a Coordination Team. Around Commissions

  Issue 10, 2013  
TG88 - Smart Cities: Introducing a New Task Group and its Coordinators - Dr. Miimu Airaksinen and Mr. Chris Bremmer

The CIB Programme Committee has established the New Task Group TG88 on Smart Cities. The Task Group objectives are: to develop the CIB community's vision and to define perspectives for the future of cities under the impacts of the new technologies and to create a strategic roadmap for research. Around Commissions

  Issue 10, 2013  
W078 - Information Technology for Construction / W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: Conference Report from the 28th International Conference

This Conference was dedicated to the latest broad achievements in research, development, standardisation and industrial implementation of advanced Computing, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Management (KM) in the Construction sector and the Built environment. Around Commissions

  Issue 10, 2011  
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: Conference Report on Application of IT in the AEC Industry

The role that a BIM (Building Information Model) plays within our industry was a predominant theme at the conference. Topics included industry foundation classes, virtual design and construction (VDC), ICT in construction eduction and energy analysis tools for buildings. Around Commissions

  Issue 4, 2011  
W119 - Customised Industrial Construction: Introducing a New Working Commission and its Coordinators

Industrialisation in construction will become more customer oriented. Systems for adaptable manufacturing and robot technologies will merge the best aspects of industrialisation and automation with aspects of traditional manufacturing. This commission succeeded the former TG57 on Industrialisation in Construction. Around Commissions

  Issue 2, 2011  
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: CIB Commission Recognition for Two Valued Members of W078

CIB Working Commission W078 is proud to announce that two of its longest serving members had been recognised by CIB. The certificate awarded to each of the two members reflected the sustained contribution each has made to the Commission, as described in this news article. Around Commissions

  Issue 10, 2010  
TG74 - New Production and Business Models in Construction: ASCE Journal of Architecture Engineering - Call for Papers for a CIB TG74 Special Issue on Offsite Construction

The aim of this special issue is to provide practitioners and researchers with the latest knowledge of theories, practices, issues and challenges facing the manufactured construction sector. Special attention is to be given to opportunities and challenges for new construction related business models. Around Commissions

  Issue 7, 2010  
TG74 - New Production and Business Models in Construction: Introducing a new Task Group

The philosophy of the Task Group is to focus on and respond to the necessity for a strong, coherent, international research strategy to address PBMC theory within the built environment disciplines. The dissipative characteristics of built environment disciplines offer a wealth of opportunities to explore the roles that PBMC can assume in addressing current problems. Around Commissions

  Issue 7, 2008  
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: Report of the 24th CIB W078 Conference held in Maribor, Slovenia

127 delegates participated the 24th CIB W078 conference IT in Construction with as main topic Bringing ITC knowledge to work, that was organised in conjunction with workshops by EG-ICE (European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering) and ITC@EDU (Construction IT in Education). Around Commissions

  Issue 6, 2007  

From the CIB Partners

Memorandum of Understanding between CIB and The Architectural Research Center Consortium (ARCC)

ARCC is an international consortium of 60 architectural research centers, of which most are in USA Universities. This collaboration between CIB and ARCC will include establishment of a joint Experts Commission, participation in existing expert commissions, conferences and publications. From the CIB Partners

  Issue 8, 2009  
CIB - IAARC Partnership Established

CIB and IAARC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which both organizations commit to enhance their cooperation. Both organisations have a worldwide membership, and both aim to support continuous performance improvement of the building and construction sector. From the CIB Partners

  Issue 5, 2009  

From CIB Co-Sponsored Events

Report of the Conference "Changing Roles: New Roles, New Challenges"

In the Conference special attention was given to the changing role of clients, managing specialists, architectural designers, engineers, consultants, and contractors. Worldwide initiatives to re-value construction can be seen nowadays. A national industry day was part of the conference. From CIB Co-Sponsored Events

  Issue 8, 2009  
Report of the CIB Co-Sponsored International Workshop on Global Roadmap and Strategic Actions for ICT in Construction in Helsinki, Finland, August 2007

FIATECH, CIB, VTT, CSTB and TEKES organised this international workshop that concentrated on ICT and value-driven business processes supported through the use of technologies, with as the aim to develop a common global roadmap for ICT in construction. From CIB Co-Sponsored Events

  Issue 6, 2007  

From the CIB Management

96th CIB Board Meeting, Brussels, 12-13 October 2009

In October the current and future operations of CIB were discussed in open lively discussions. In conjunction with these meetings, two other events took place: the Research Managers Meeting and the International seminar 'The implementation of energy efficient buildings policies in 5 continents'. From the CIB Management

  Issue 7, 2009  

From the CIB General Secretariat

CIB Priority Themes

A main event on Sustainable Construction was: SB14 - The World Sustainable Building Conference. Robin Drogemuller and Scott F Beazley were appointed Theme Leaders for the CIB IDDS Priority Theme. TG90 - Information Integration in Construction was established, being most relevant to IDDS. From the CIB General Secretariat

  Issue 1, 2015  
BIM Survey: The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Major Global Markets

In cooperation with CIB, McGraw Hill has conducted a worldwide survey into the use of BIM, resulting in the Report: The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Major Global Markets. CIB Members are offered a free download. From the CIB General Secretariat

  Issue 2, 2014  
CIB Priority Themes

Main events and outcomes in 2013 in support of CIB's three Priority Themes include: 14 national and regional Sustainable Building (SB) Conferences, the publication of the IDDS Research Roadmap and the establishment of CIB Task Group TG87 – Urban Resilience: Benchmarking and Metrics. From the CIB General Secretariat

  Issue 1, 2014  
CIB World Building Congress - Intelligent Built Environment for Life, 30 May - 3 June 2016, Tampere, Finland - Picture 3 of 20

Green parks and lots of trees. That is what you can find in Tampere, the venue for the CIB World Building Congress in 2016. In fact, parks and forests cover 20% of the city s area. The banks of the rapids in the city centre are lined with old red-brick factory buildings as souvenirs from a hundred years ago when the textile industry was at its peak in Tampere. From the CIB General Secretariat

  Issue 1, 2014  
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